Thursday, June 19, 2008

Conversations with Moi University

I was able to visit Moi University in Eldoret, Kenya in November. We had run a Global Module with a professor by the name of Naomi Shitemi a couple years ago and I finally had the opportunity to actually travel to Moi University to have more substantial discussions about expanding their participation. Unfortunatey, Naomi was out of town and left me in the competent hands of Gilbert Nduru who heads up the Geography Department. Moi University itself is located about an hour's drive outside of Eldoret. It is a beautiful drive out to Eldoret and countryside looked like a cross between Vermont and Indiana - Eldoret is big cheese country.

Moi is struggling with some technological limitations but they are also actively working to deal with the problems. The meetings went well, and I talked to the Dean of Arts & Sciences, several faculty members, and hundreds of students. I think that even considering the technological challenges the potential is definitely here for a great collaboration - and the will certainly exists on the part of Moi for grater international dialogue. Gilbert did manage to put together a Geography lab with pretty good Internet access, so I think we can eventually start by running GMs housed in Geography classes.

Gary Scudder

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