Friday, December 28, 2007

Global Modules YouTube Presentation

A friend of mine taped a presentation that I gave here at Champlain about our Global Modules project and then placed most of it on Youtube in three sections. I’ll apologize in advance for the relatively rough quality of the print, and keep in mind that it was a somewhat informal presentation that I was giving to some of my colleagues at Champlain. That said, I think it does a fairly good job laying out the basic day-to-day structure of running a Global Module. As I’ve often said, sometimes, when viewed from the outside, the pedagogical and technical challenges of running a Global Module can seem daunting. Instead, we have designed the system to be as flexible and user-friendly as possible. It is a student-driven approach designed to add dimensions of international dialogue and critical thinking into the classroom without adding to the faculty workload. I hope this presentation can answer some questions, and I am more than happy to answer others.The one thing that doesn’t get addressed in any detail in this presentation is the bigger dream. Remember, our goal is to create an international network of universities interested in linking select courses together for short, thematic online discussions – to give students the opportunity to talk to their counterparts around the world about issues that have scholarly value and which also are important to them. To do that we need your help. Again, we are not looking for financial support – we are looking for innovative professors from universities around the world who are willing to take part in this approach.

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